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Seeking Self-Esteem from Plastic Surgery Essay

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There have been plenty of technological innovations present and it is undeniable that these technological innovations are influencing people and society as a whole. Whether technology is causing more harm than benefits has long been a debatable issue and yet, none can deny that it has both great wonderful benefits and unfortunately, disadvantageous and harmful effects as well. Technology, with all the wonder and power it is bringing is also causing disastrous effects to people—one of these is in the world of medical science.

From the very early times of medicine wherein herbs and rituals were considered the cure for ailment and injuries, modern medicine has already progressed tremendously. The world of medical science is now not so simple anymore as complicated procedures and new drugs are discovered and improved. Moreover, no one can deny the fact that the abundant surge of new diseases, illnesses and virus discovered is a contributing factor for the need of the medical world to continue with their search for new medical improvements and cures.

However virtuous the initial intention of the medical world seems to be, there are still many exemptions to this rule—and one of these is that of the issue regarding plastic surgery. Evaluation of the Article Plastic surgery has been proven to be very helpful and no one can deny that fact. Accidents which caused changes in the physical looks of a person and most specifically, on facial deformities can be crippling on both self-esteem and health.

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That is why plastic surgeries have proven to be very helpful as they try to regain the original looks of a person, or at least, try to make a person look as what were before with very few changes. However, as what was written by Camille Sweeney for The New York Times, people tend to believe that once their appearances change or are blemish-free, then that is the only time they can truly be beautiful or handsome. Summary of the Article The article focused on that including interviews on many professionals, family members and teenagers themselves who want to undergo plastic surgery or has undergone plastic surgery.

It is quite appalling that many of teenagers find that for them to be normal and to fit in is if they have the same picture perfect features that people on movies or television have. Though, as what Sweeney has written, the teenagers nor their families cannot be really be blamed for it. As with the dominant psychological effects of imperfection, low self-esteem and bullying can actually lead to more serious matters in the future like suicide for example. Appearance may not be the only factor to get to know a person nor the determiner of who they really are but it is a tremendous criteria.

In the article, Sweeney further elaborates on the increase of plastic surgery on teenagers and how this has affected the mind set of many people—including teachers, friends and most especially the family members. Reaction to the Article The article does not entirely berate on the negative and horrifying effects of plastic surgery and how it has affected the esteem of adolescents; what Sweeney is actually doing is to point out and open up the narrow world of some readers that medical science, most particular, people who do and undergo plastic surgery are not abominable, shallow or pathetic.

Instead, what she is doing letting readers know that people undergo plastic surgery because they have reasons and they are not to be judged as pathetic or shallow. These reasons are personal but they mostly point to one main thing—they have to because if they do not, society will make fun of them. Works Cited Sweeney, Camille. “Seeking Self-Esteem Through Surgery”. The New York Times: Fashion and Style. 14 January 2009. 26 July 2009. <http://www. nytimes. com/2009/01/15/fashion/15skin. html? pagewanted=1&_r=1>.

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